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The Prostist Page
Made in Summer'95, it was meant to be there for personal satisfaction and my friends' reference. The content of the current page mainly originates from this one. The counter counted 2500 visits from mid October, 95 to end of June, 96. The page looked too primitive as web technology grew fast, and a new page came.

Alain Prost
Born on July 1, 96, it was meant to be a meeting point for fans of Alain Prost. Added was a navigation bar and there was a new front page. The counter counted 6300 visits from July 1, 96 to March 3, 97. With this popularity I felt the necessity for a web site which looked more professional. And here I present to you:

Alain Prost Grand Prix HomePage

Being an "experienced" web surfer, I understand what you want, and what you don't want, from a web page. The Alain Prost Grand Prix Homepage is a result of careful research and thoughtful consideration. It loads fast. It looks good in any horizontal resolution bigger than 640. It is text-based with the optimum amount of graphics. The pages are well organized and you won't get lost.

Important milestones:
April 21, 02 - Chinese version available!
August 1, 04 - Moved to www.alainprost.net/hk, server donated by Oskar Schuler of ProstFan.com!


Professor Tips (where you are now)
A warm welcome + a brief but helpful introduction to this wonderful cyberspace collection of Alain Prost.

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Personal Profile of Alain Prost

Racing statistics of Alain Prost, in chronological order

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Photo Gallery
See Prost in karts, F3 cars, and ALL F1 cars he has raced in.

Prost GP
All you need to know about the team.

Who is Alain Prost?

Believe it or not, someone did ask me this question! In case you too are wondering who this man with a crooked nose is, let me tell you, he is the most successful driver ever in history. He is a four-time F1 World Champion (and damn near other four times!). He won 51 Grands Prix, made 41 fastest laps and gained 798.5 championship points. All are records unbroken for 8 years after Prost's retirement.

He's called the Professor thanks to his unique driving style. He drives with his head. He never pushes over the limit but gets the very best out of his car. He promotes sport safety. (He did it long before tragedies happened, when the ignorant called him coward...) For 5 years from 1997 to 2001 he ran his own F1 team in his own name.

He's the Professor, no less.