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Alain Prost competed in 34 F1 circuits and has won in 22 of them.
Alain Prost won 6 French GP, 4 times in Paul Ricard (83,88-90), and always on podium except 80,84!
Alain Prost won 6 Brazilian GP, 5 times in Rio de Janeiro.
Alain Prost won 5 British GP, all at Silverstone.
Alain Prost won 4 Monaco GP; a hattrick from 84-86.
Alain Prost won 3 times each in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, San Marino (Imola, Italy) and Spain.
Alain Prost won twice each in Australia, Belgium, Mexico, the Netherlands and South Africa.
Alain Prost won once each in Canada and the USA.

The following data are ordered first in country name and then circuit name.

Argentina - Buenos Aires

01/13/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B126-1 lap-
04/21/81Renault RE22BEFI33--

Australia - Adelaide

11/03/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B4-Engine-
10/26/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C41--
11/15/87McLaren TAG MP4/32-Brakes-
11/13/88McLaren Honda MP4/421-FL
11/05/89McLaren Honda MP4/52-Withdrew-
10/04/90Ferrari 641/03743--
11/07/93Williams Renault FW1522--

Austria- Osterreichring

08/17/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B127--
08/16/81Renault RE30EFI2-Suspension-
08/15/82Renault RE30BEFI3-Fuel Injection-
08/14/83Renault RE40EFI51-FL
08/19/84McLaren TAG MP4/2216-23 laps-
08/18/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B11-FL
08/17/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C51--
08/16/87McLaren TAG MP4/396-2 laps-

Belgium - Spa Francorchamps

05/22/83Renault RE40EFI11--
09/15/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B13-FL
05/25/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C36-FL
05/17/87McLaren TAG MP4/361-FL
08/28/88McLaren Honda MP4/422--
08/27/89McLaren Honda MP4/522-FL
08/26/90Ferrari 641/03732-FL
08/25/91Ferrari 643/1292-Engine-
08/29/93Williams Renault FW1513-FL

Belgium - Zolder

05/04/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B19-Transmission-
05/17/81Renault RE30EFI12-Clutch-
05/09/82Renault RE30BEFI1-Spun-
04/29/84McLaren TAG MP4/28-Distributor-

Brazil - Interlagos

01/27/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B135--
03/25/90Ferrari 641/03461--
03/24/91Ferrari 642/12364--
03/28/93Williams Renault FW151-Accident-

Brazil - Jacarepagua (Rio de Janeiro)

03/29/81Renault RE22BEFI5-Accident-
03/21/82Renault RE30BEFI11--
03/13/83Renault RE30CEFI27-1 lap-
03/25/84McLaren TAG MP4/241-FL
04/07/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B61-FL
03/23/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C9-Engine-
04/12/87McLaren TAG MP4/351--
04/03/88McLaren Honda MP4/431--
03/26/89McLaren Honda MP4/552--

Britain - Brands Hatch

07/13/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B76--
07/18/82Renault RE30BEFI86--
09/25/83Renault RE40EFI82--
07/22/84McLaren TAG MP4/22-Gearbox-
10/06/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B64--
07/13/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C63--

Britain - Donington Park

04/11/93Williams Renault FW1513--

Britain - Silverstone

07/18/81Renault RE30EFI2-Engine-
07/16/83Renault RE40EFI31-FL
07/21/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B31-FL
07/12/87McLaren TAG MP4/34-Clutch/Engine-
07/10/88McLaren Honda MP4/44-Handling-
07/16/89McLaren Honda MP4/521--
07/15/90Ferrari 641/03451--
07/14/91Ferrari 643/12853--
07/11/93Williams Renault FW1511--

Canada - Gilles Villeneuve (Montreal)

09/28/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M30B12-Accident-
09/27/81Renault RE30EFI4-Accident-
06/13/82Renault RE30BEFI3-Engine-
06/12/83Renault RE40EFI25-1 lap-
06/19/84McLaren TAG MP4/223--
06/16/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B53--
06/15/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C42--
06/12/88McLaren Honda MP4/422--
06/18/89McLaren Honda MP4/51-Suspension-
06/10/90Ferrari 641/03435--
06/02/91Ferrari 642/1234-Gearbox-
06/13/93Williams Renault FW1511--

France - Dijon

07/05/81Renault RE30EFI31-FL
08/29/82Renault RE30BEFI12-FL
05/20/84McLaren TAG MP4/257-1 lapFL

France - Magny Cours

07/07/91Ferrari 643/12822--
07/04/93Williams Renault FW1521--

France - Paul Ricard

06/29/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B7-Transmission-
07/25/82Renault RE30BEFI22--
04/17/83Renault RE40EFI11-FL
07/07/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B43--
07/06/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C52--
07/05/87McLaren TAG MP4/323--
07/03/88McLaren Honda MP4/411-FL
07/09/89McLaren Honda MP4/511--
07/08/90Ferrari 641/03441--

Germany - Hockenheim

08/10/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B1411-1 lap-
08/02/81Renault RE30EFI12--
08/08/82Renault RE30BEFI2-Electrical-
08/17/83Renault RE40EFI54--
08/05/84McLaren TAG MP4/211-FL
07/27/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C26Out of Fuel-
07/26/87McLaren TAG MP4/337-5 laps-
07/24/88McLaren Honda MP4/422--
07/30/89McLaren Honda MP4/522--
07/27/90Ferrari 641/03434--
07/28/91Ferrari 643/1295-Accident-
07/25/93Williams Renault FW1511--

Germany - Nurburgring

10/07/84McLaren TAG MP4/221--
08/04/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B32--

Hungary - Hungaroring

08/10/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C3-Accident-
08/09/87McLaren TAG MP4/343--
08/07/88McLaren Honda MP4/472-FL
08/13/89McLaren Honda MP4/554--
08/12/90Ferrari 641/0378-Gearbox-
08/11/91Ferrari 643/1294-Engine-
08/15/93Williams Renault FW15112-7 lapsFL

Italy - Monza

09/14/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M30B247-1 lap-
09/13/81Renault RE30EFI31--
09/12/82Renault RE30BEFI5-Fuel Injection-
09/11/83Renault RE40EFI5-Turbo-
09/09/84McLaren TAG MP4/22-Engine-
09/08/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B51--
09/07/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C2-Engine-
09/06/87McLaren TAG MP4/3515-4 laps-
09/11/88McLaren Honda MP4/42-Engine-
09/10/89McLaren Honda MP4/541-FL
09/09/90Ferrari 641/03722--
09/08/91Ferrari 643/13053--
09/12/93Williams Renault FW151-Engine-

Japan - Suzuka

11/01/87McLaren TAG MP4/327-1 lap-
10/31/88McLaren Honda MP4/422--
10/22/89McLaren Honda MP4/5211AccidentFL
10/21/90Ferrari 641/0372-Accident-
10/20/91Ferrari 643/13044--
10/24/93Williams Renault FW1512-FL

Monaco - Monte Carlo

05/18/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B10-Accident-
05/31/81Renault RE30EFI9-Engine-
05/23/82Renault RE30BEFI47-3 lap-
05/15/83Renault RE40EFI13--
06/03/84McLaren TAG MP4/211--
05/19/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B51--
05/11/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C11-FL
05/31/87McLaren TAG MP4/349Engine-
05/15/88McLaren Honda MP4/421--
05/07/89McLaren Honda MP4/522-FL
05/27/90Ferrari 641/0342-Battery-
05/12/91Ferrari 642/12375-1 lapFL
05/23/93Williams Renault FW1514-FL

Mexico - Hermanos Rodriguez

10/12/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C62--
10/18/87McLaren TAG MP4/35-Accident-
05/29/88McLaren Honda MP4/421-FL
05/28/89McLaren Honda MP4/525--
06/24/90Ferrari 641/034131-FL
06/16/91Ferrari 642/1237-Misfire-

Netherlands - Zandvoort

08/31/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M30B186--
08/30/81Renault RE30EFI11--
07/03/82Renault RE30BEFI2-Engine-
08/28/83Renault RE40EFI4-Accident-
08/26/84McLaren TAG MP4/211--
08/25/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B32-FL

Portugal - Estoril

10/21/84McLaren TAG MP4/221--
04/21/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B2-Spun-
09/21/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C32--
09/20/87McLaren TAG MP4/331--
09/25/88McLaren Honda MP4/411--
09/24/89McLaren Honda MP4/542--
09/23/90Ferrari 641/03723--
09/22/91Ferrari 643/1305-Engine-
09/26/93Williams Renault FW1522--

San Marino - Imola

05/03/81Renault RE22BEFI4-Gearbox-
04/25/82Renault RE30BEFI2-Engine-
05/01/83Renault RE40EFI42--
05/06/84McLaren TAG MP4/221--
05/05/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B6-Disqualified-
04/27/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C41--
05/03/87McLaren TAG MP4/33-Alternator Belt-
05/01/88McLaren Honda MP4/422-FL
04/23/89McLaren Honda MP4/522-FL
05/13/90Ferrari 641/03464--
04/28/91Ferrari 642/1243-Spun-
04/25/93Williams Renault FW1511-FL

South Africa - Kyalami

03/01/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M29B0-DNS-
01/23/82Renault RE30BEFI51-FL
10/15/83Renault RE40EFI5-Turbo-
04/07/84McLaren TAG MP4/252--
10/19/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B93--
03/14/93Williams Renault FW1511-FL

Spain - Barcelona

05/09/93Williams Renault FW1511--

Spain - Jarama

06/21/81Renault RE30EFI5-Accident-

Spain - Jerez

04/13/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C43--
09/27/87McLaren TAG MP4/372--
10/02/88McLaren Honda MP4/421-FL
10/01/89McLaren Honda MP4/533--
09/30/90Ferrari 641/03721--
09/29/91Ferrari 643/13062--

United States - Dallas

07/08/84McLaren TAG MP4/27-Accident-

United States - Detroit

06/06/82Renault RE30BEFI112-8 lapsFL
06/05/83Renault RE40EFI138-1 lap-
06/24/84McLaren TAG MP4/224--
06/23/85McLaren TAG MP4/2B4-Brakes-
06/22/86McLaren TAG MP4/2C73--
06/21/87McLaren TAG MP4/353--
06/19/88McLaren Honda MP4/442-FL

United States - Las Vegas

10/17/81Renault RE30EFI52--
09/25/82Renault RE30BEFI14--

United States - Long Beach

03/15/81Renault RE2014-Accident-
04/04/82Renault RE30BEFI4-Accident-
03/27/83Renault RE40EFI811-3 laps-

United States - Phoenix

06/04/89McLaren Honda MP4/521--
03/11/90Ferrari 641/0347-Gearbox-
03/10/91Ferrari 642/12322--

United States - Watkins Glen

10/05/80McLaren Cosworth DFV M30B0-DNS-