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1973 - French and World Junior champion, 2nd in French seniors,14th World Championships

1974 - French Senior Champion, not in top ten in Worlds

1975 - Pilote Elf, French Senior Champion, not in top ten in Worlds


Formula Renault France

Date Circuit Car Result
04/04/76 Le Mans Martini Renault MK17 1
04/18/76 Nogaro Martini Renault MK17 1 P/FL
05/01/76 Magny-Cours Martini Renault MK17 1 P/FL
05/23/76 Clemont Ferrand Martini Renault MK17 1 P/FL
06/20/76 Folembray Martini Renault MK17 1 P
06/27/76 Rouen Martin Renault MK17 1 FL
07/04/76 Paul Ricard Martini Renault MK17 1 FL
07/11/76 Magny-Cours Martini Renault MK17 1 P/FL
08/05/76 Dijon Martini Renault MK17 1 P/FL
08/19/76 Nogaro Martini Renault MK17 1 FL
09/30/76 Albi Martini Renault MK17 1 FL
10/17/76 Paul Ricard Martini Renault MK17 1 FL
10/24/76 Imola Martini Renault MK17 R FL

Formula Renault Europe

Date Circuit Car Result
05/09/76 Dijon Lola Renault T410 R P
05/16/76 Zolder Lola Renault T410 R


Formula Renault Europe

Date Circuit Car Result
03/27/77 Le Mans Martini Renault MK20 3
04/11/77 Nogaro Martini Renault MK20 1 FL
04/17/77 Hockenheim Martini Renault MK20 5
05/01/77 Magny-Cours Martini Renault MK20 1
05/22/77 Monte Carlo Martini Renault MK20 2 FL
05/29/77 Pau Martini Renault MK20 2 FL
06/05/77 Zolder Martini Renault MK20 R P
06/19/77 Clermont Ferrand Martini Renault MK20 3
06/26/77 Rouen Martini Renault MK20 1 P/FL
07/03/77 Dijon Martini Renault MK20 13
07/10/77 Nogaro Martini Renault MK20 1 P
07/17/77 Magny-Cours Martini Renault MK20 R P
07/24/77 Paul Ricard Martini Renault MK20 5
09/11/77 Monza Martini Renault MK20 1 FL
09/25/77 Albi Martini Renault MK20 1 FL
10/15/77 Paul Ricard Martini Renault MK20 7 FL

Formula Two

Date Circuit Car Result
07/10/77 Nogaro Elf Renault 2J 10
10/02/77 Estoril Elf Renault 2J R


European Formula Three

Date Circuit Car Result
04/23/78 Zolder Martini Renault MK21B 10
05/28/78 Nurburgring Martini Renault MK21B R
06/04/78 Dijon Martini Renault MK21B 10
06/25/78 Monza Martini Renault MK21B 14
07/16/78 Magny-Cours Martini Renault MK21B R
08/26/78 Donington Park Martini Renault MK21B 6
09/17/78 Jarama Martini Renault MK21B 1 P/FL
10/08/78 Vallelunga Martini Renault MK21B R


Date Circuit Car Result
Monaco Formula Three 05/07/78 Monte Carlo Martini Renault MK21B 4
European Formula Two 05/15/78 Pau Chevron Hart B40 R
BP Formula Three 07/02/78 Paul Ricard Martini Renault MK21B 3
Vandervell Formula Three 08/28/78 Silverstsone Martini Renault MK21B 3



European Formula Three

Date Circuit Car Result
03/18/79 Vallelunga Martini Renault MK27 2 FL
04/16/79 Osterreichring Martini Renault MK27 1
04/23/79 Zolder Martini Renault MK27 1
05/01/79 Magny-Cours Martini Renault MK27 1 FL
05/20/79 Donington Park Martini Renault MK27 3
06/04/79 Zandvoort Martini Renault MK27 1 P/FL
06/24/79 Monza Martini Renault MK27 R
08/05/79 Knutstorp Martini Renault MK27 1 P/FL
08/12/79 Kinnekulle Martini Renault MK27 R P
09/09/79 Jarama Martini Renault MK27 1 P/FL


Date Circuit Car Result
Monaco Formula Three 05/26/79 Monte Carlo Martini Renault MK27 1 P/FL
Vandervell Formula Three 07/14/79 Silverstone Martini Renault MK27 14
French Formula Three 09/15/79 La Chatre Martini Renault MK27 1 FL
French Formula Three 09/22/79 Albi Martini Renault MK27 1 FL

F1 Overall Statistics

1980McLaren Ford15110005
1984McLaren TAG21673371.5
1985McLaren TAG11652576 (73)
1986McLaren TAG11641274 (72)
1987McLaren TAG41630246
1988McLaren Honda216727105 (87)
1989McLaren Honda11542581 (76)
1993Williams Renault116713699
TOTAL4 WDC199513341798.5

1980 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: John Watson

01/13/80RABuenos AiresMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29B126-1 lap-
01/27/80BRInterlagosMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29B135--
03/01/80ZAKyalamiMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C0-DNS-
05/04/80BZolderMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C19-Transmission-
05/18/80MCMonte CarloMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C10-Accident-
06/29/80FPaul RicardMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C7-Transmission-
07/13/80GBRBrands HatchMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C76--
08/10/80DHockenheimMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C1411-1 lap-
08/17/80AUTOsterreichringMcLaren Cosworth DFV M29C127--
08/31/80NLZandvoortMcLaren Cosworth DFV M30B186--
09/14/80IMonzaMcLaren Cosworth DFV M30B247-1 lap-
09/28/80CANMontrealMcLaren Cosworth DFV M30B12-Accident-
10/05/80USAWatkins GlenMcLaren Cosworth DFV M30B0-DNS-

1981 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Rene Arnoux

03/15/81USALong BeachRenault RE2014-Accident-
03/29/81BRJacarepaguaRenault RE22BEFI5-Accident-
04/21/81RABuenos AiresRenault RE22BEFI33--
05/03/81RSMImolaRenault RE22BEFI4-Gearbox-
05/17/81BZolderRenault RE30EFI12-Clutch-
05/31/81MCMonte CarloRenault RE30EFI9-Engine-
06/21/81ESPJaramaRenault RE30EFI5-Accident-
07/05/81FDijonRenault RE30EFI31-FL
07/18/81GBRSilverstoneRenault RE30EFI2-Engine-
08/02/81DHockenheimRenault RE30EFI12--
08/16/81AUTOsterreichringRenault RE30EFI2-Suspension-
08/30/81NLZandvoortRenault RE30EFI11--
09/13/81IMonzaRenault RE30EFI31--
09/27/81CANMontrealRenault RE30EFI4-Accident-
10/17/81USALas VegasRenault RE30EFI52--

1982 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Rene Arnoux

01/23/82ZAKyalamiRenault RE30BEFI51-FL
03/21/82BRJacarepaguaRenault RE30BEFI11--
04/04/82USALong BeachRenault RE30BEFI4-Accident-
04/25/82RSMImolaRenault RE30BEFI2-Engine-
05/09/82BZolderRenault RE30BEFI1-Spun-
05/23/82MCMonte CarloRenault RE30BEFI47-3 lap-
06/06/82USADetroitRenault RE30BEFI112-8 lapsFL
06/13/82CANMontrealRenault RE30BEFI3-Engine-
07/03/82NLZandvoortRenault RE30BEFI2-Engine-
07/18/82GBRBrands HatchRenault RE30BEFI86--
07/25/82FPaul RicardRenault RE30BEFI22--
08/08/82DHockenheimRenault RE30BEFI2-Electrical-
08/15/82AUTOsterreichringRenault RE30BEFI3-Fuel Injection-
08/29/82SWIDijonRenault RE30BEFI12-FL
09/12/82IMonzaRenault RE30BEFI5-Fuel Injection-
09/25/82USALas VegasRenault RE30BEFI14--

1983 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Eddie Cheever

03/13/83BRJacarepaguaRenault RE30CEFI27-1 lap-
03/27/83USALong BeachRenault RE40EFI811-3 laps-
04/17/83FPaul RicardRenault RE40EFI11-FL
05/01/83RSMImolaRenault RE40EFI42--
05/15/83MCMonte CarloRenault RE40EFI13--
05/22/83BSpa FrancorchampsRenault RE40EFI11--
06/05/83USADetroitRenault RE40EFI138-1 lap-
06/12/83CANMontrealRenault RE40EFI25-1 lap-
07/16/83GBRSilverstoneRenault RE40EFI31-FL
08/17/83DHockenheimRenault RE40EFI54--
08/14/83AUTOsterreichringRenault RE40EFI51-FL
08/28/83NLZandvoortRenault RE40EFI4-Accident-
09/11/83IMonzaRenault RE40EFI5-Turbo-
09/25/83GBRBrands HatchRenault RE40EFI82--
10/15/83ZAKyalamiRenault RE40EFI5-Turbo-

1984 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Niki Lauda, 75,77 WDC

03/25/84BRJacarepaguaMcLaren TAG MP4/241-FL
04/07/84ZAKyalamiMcLaren TAG MP4/252--
04/29/84BZolderMcLaren TAG MP4/28-Distributor-
05/06/84RSMImolaMcLaren TAG MP4/221--
05/20/84FDijonMcLaren TAG MP4/257-1 lapFL
06/03/84MCMonte CarloMcLaren TAG MP4/211--
06/19/84CANMontrealMcLaren TAG MP4/223--
06/24/84USADetroitMcLaren TAG MP4/224--
07/08/84USADallasMcLaren TAG MP4/27-Accident-
07/22/84GBRBrands HatchMcLaren TAG MP4/22-Gearbox-
08/05/84DHockenheimMcLaren TAG MP4/211-FL
08/19/84AUTOsterreichringMcLaren TAG MP4/2216-23 laps-
08/26/84NLZandvoortMcLaren TAG MP4/211--
09/09/84IMonzaMcLaren TAG MP4/22-Engine-
10/07/84DNurburgringMcLaren TAG MP4/221--
10/21/84PEstorilMcLaren TAG MP4/221--

1985 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Niki Lauda

04/07/85BRJacarepaguaMcLaren TAG MP4/2B61-FL
04/21/85PEstorilMcLaren TAG MP4/2B2-Spun-
05/05/85RSMImolaMcLaren TAG MP4/2B6-Disqualified-
05/19/85MCMonte CarloMcLaren TAG MP4/2B51--
06/16/85CANMontrealMcLaren TAG MP4/2B53--
06/23/85USADetroitMcLaren TAG MP4/2B4-Brakes-
07/07/85FPaul RicardMcLaren TAG MP4/2B43--
07/21/85GBRSilverstoneMcLaren TAG MP4/2B31-FL
08/04/85DNurburgringMcLaren TAG MP4/2B32--
08/18/85AUTOsterreichringMcLaren TAG MP4/2B11-FL
08/25/85NLZandvoortMcLaren TAG MP4/2B32-FL
09/08/85IMonzaMcLaren TAG MP4/2B51--
09/15/85BSpa FrancorchampsMcLaren TAG MP4/2B13-FL
10/06/85GBRBrands HatchMcLaren TAG MP4/2B64--
10/19/85ZAKyalamiMcLaren TAG MP4/2B93--
11/03/85AUSAdelaideMcLaren TAG MP4/2B4-Engine-

1986 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Keke Rosberg, 82 WDC

03/23/86BRJacarepaguaMcLaren TAG MP4/2C9-Engine-
04/13/86ESPJerezMcLaren TAG MP4/2C43--
04/27/86RSMImolaMcLaren TAG MP4/2C41--
05/11/86MCMonte CarloMcLaren TAG MP4/2C11-FL
05/25/86BSpa FrancorchampsMcLaren TAG MP4/2C36-FL
06/15/86CANMontrealMcLaren TAG MP4/2C42--
06/22/86USADetroitMcLaren TAG MP4/2C73--
07/06/86FPaul RicardMcLaren TAG MP4/2C52--
07/13/86GBRBrands HatchMcLaren TAG MP4/2C63--
07/27/86DHockenheimMcLaren TAG MP4/2C26Out of Fuel-
08/10/86HHungaroringMcLaren TAG MP4/2C3-Accident-
08/17/86AUTOsterreichringMcLaren TAG MP4/2C51--
09/07/86IMonzaMcLaren TAG MP4/2C2-Engine-
09/21/86PEstorilMcLaren TAG MP4/2C32--
10/12/86MEXHermanos RodriguezMcLaren TAG MP4/2C62--
10/26/86AUSAdelaideMcLaren TAG MP4/2C41--

1987 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Stefan Johansson

04/12/87BRJacarepaguaMcLaren TAG MP4/351--
05/03/87RSMImolaMcLaren TAG MP4/33-Alternator Belt-
05/17/87BSpa FrancorchampsMcLaren TAG MP4/361-FL
05/31/87MCMonte CarloMcLaren TAG MP4/349Engine-
06/21/87USADetroitMcLaren TAG MP4/353--
07/05/87FPaul RicardMcLaren TAG MP4/323--
07/12/87GBRSilverstoneMcLaren TAG MP4/34-Clutch/Engine-
07/26/87DHockenheimMcLaren TAG MP4/337-5 laps-
08/09/87HHungaroringMcLaren TAG MP4/343--
08/16/87AUTOsterreichringMcLaren TAG MP4/396-2 laps-
09/06/87IMonzaMcLaren TAG MP4/3515-4 laps-
09/20/87PEstorilMcLaren TAG MP4/331--
09/27/87ESPJerezMcLaren TAG MP4/372--
10/18/87MEXHermanos RodriguezMcLaren TAG MP4/35-Accident-
11/01/87JSuzukaMcLaren TAG MP4/327-1 lap-
11/15/87AUSAdelaideMcLaren TAG MP4/32-Brakes-

1988 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Ayrton Senna

04/03/88BRJacarepaguaMcLaren Honda MP4/431--
05/01/88RSMImolaMcLaren Honda MP4/422-FL
05/15/88MCMonte CarloMcLaren Honda MP4/421--
05/29/88MEXHermanos RodriguezMcLaren Honda MP4/421-FL
06/12/88CANMontrealMcLaren Honda MP4/422--
06/19/88USADetroitMcLaren Honda MP4/442-FL
07/03/88FPaul RicardMcLaren Honda MP4/411-FL
07/10/88GBRSilverstoneMcLaren Honda MP4/44-Handling-
07/24/88DHockenheimMcLaren Honda MP4/422--
08/07/88HHungaroringMcLaren Honda MP4/472-FL
08/28/88BSpa FrancorchampsMcLaren Honda MP4/422--
09/11/88IMonzaMcLaren Honda MP4/42-Engine-
09/25/88PEstorilMcLaren Honda MP4/411--
10/02/88ESPJerezMcLaren Honda MP4/421-FL
10/31/88JSuzukaMcLaren Honda MP4/422--
11/13/88AUSAdelaideMcLaren Honda MP4/421-FL

1989 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Ayrton Senna

03/26/89BRJacarepaguaMcLaren Honda MP4/552--
04/23/89RSMImolaMcLaren Honda MP4/522-FL
05/07/89MCMonte CarloMcLaren Honda MP4/522-FL
05/28/89MEXHermanos RodriguezMcLaren Honda MP4/525--
06/04/89USAPhoenixMcLaren Honda MP4/521--
06/18/89CANMontrealMcLaren Honda MP4/51-Suspension-
07/09/89FPaul RicardMcLaren Honda MP4/511--
07/16/89GBRSilverstoneMcLaren Honda MP4/521--
07/30/89DHockenheimMcLaren Honda MP4/522--
08/13/89HHungaroringMcLaren Honda MP4/554--
08/27/89BSpa FrancorchampsMcLaren Honda MP4/522-FL
09/10/89IMonzaMcLaren Honda MP4/541-FL
09/24/89PEstorilMcLaren Honda MP4/542--
10/01/89ESPJerezMcLaren Honda MP4/533--
10/22/89JSuzukaMcLaren Honda MP4/5211AccidentFL
11/05/89AUSAdelaideMcLaren Honda MP4/52-Withdrew-

1990 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Nigel Mansell.

03/11/90USAPhoenixFerrari 641/0347-Gearbox-
03/25/90BRInterlagosFerrari 641/03461--
05/13/90RSMImolaFerrari 641/03464--
05/27/90MCMonte CarloFerrari 641/0342-Battery-
06/10/90CANMontrealFerrari 641/03435--
06/24/90MEXHermanos RodriguezFerrari 641/034131-FL
07/08/90FPaul RicardFerrari 641/03441--
07/15/90GBRSilverstoneFerrari 641/03451--
07/27/90DHockenheimFerrari 641/03434--
08/12/90HHungaroringFerrari 641/0378-Gearbox-
08/26/90BSpa FrancorchampsFerrari 641/03732-FL
09/09/90IMonzaFerrari 641/03722--
09/23/90PEstorilFerrari 641/03723--
09/30/90ESPJerezFerrari 641/03721--
10/21/90JSuzukaFerrari 641/0372-Accident-
10/04/90AUSAdelaideFerrari 641/03743--

1991 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Jean Alesi

03/10/91USAPhoenixFerrari 642/12322--
03/24/91BRInterlagosFerrari 642/12364--
04/28/91RSMImolaFerrari 642/1243-Spun-
05/12/91MCMonte CarloFerrari 642/12375-1 lapFL
06/02/91CANMontrealFerrari 642/1234-Gearbox-
06/16/91MEXHermanos RodriguezFerrari 642/1237-Misfire-
07/07/91FMagny CoursFerrari 643/12822--
07/14/91GBRSilverstoneFerrari 643/12853--
07/28/91DHockenheimFerrari 643/1295-Accident-
08/11/91HHungaroringFerrari 643/1294-Engine-
08/25/91BSpa FrancorchampsFerrari 643/1292-Engine-
09/08/91IMonzaFerrari 643/13053--
09/22/91PEstorilFerrari 643/1305-Engine-
09/29/91ESPJerezFerrari 643/13062--
10/20/91JSuzukaFerrari 643/13044--


Sabbatical year

1993 Formula One Grand Prix

Teammate: Damon Hill

03/14/93ZAKyalamiWilliams Renault FW1511-FL
03/28/93BRInterlagosWilliams Renault FW151-Accident-
04/11/93GBRDonington ParkWilliams Renault FW1513--
04/25/93RSMImolaWilliams Renault FW1511-FL
05/09/93ESPBarcelonaWilliams Renault FW1511--
05/23/93MCMonte CarloWilliams Renault FW1514-FL
06/13/93CANMontrealWilliams Renault FW1511--
07/04/93FMagny CoursWilliams Renault FW1521--
07/11/93GBRSilverstoneWilliams Renault FW1511--
07/25/93DHockenheimWilliams Renault FW1511--
08/15/93HHungaroringWilliams Renault FW15112-7 lapsFL
08/29/93BSpa FrancorchampsWilliams Renault FW1513-FL
09/12/93IMonzaWilliams Renault FW151-Engine-
09/26/93PEstorilWilliams Renault FW1522--
10/24/93JSuzukaWilliams Renault FW1512-FL
11/07/93AUSAdelaideWilliams Renault FW1522--


Ambassadorial task at Renault


Technical Consultant at Marlboro McLaren Mercedes

1997 - present

Run his own F1 team, Prost Grand Prix