Welcome to prostfan.com (formerly known as Alain Prost-Homepage 3 / AP-H3)! Thank you for visiting my unofficial Website about Alain Prost, Nicolas Prost and Team Prost Grand Prix!

I'm working on prostfan.com whenever I have time. I try to update the site at least twice a week, but as I do this as a hobby, I'm not always able to reach that goal. Anyway, don't forget to bookmark WWW.PROSTFAN.COM, so you will always find your way back....

I created all the pages on this website with Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 (from 1995-1999), Word 2000 (from 2000-2002) and PROTON Code Editor (from 2003 until today). No additional HTML-programmes were used. Graphics and pictures are made and/or optimized by me with Corel Photopaint 7.4. At this place, I want to say Thanks to Stefan Münz, who created a helping tool for HTML, which can be downloaded at his German HTML help website. Prostfan.com is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox with enabled Java-script and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, but also works quite well with most other hardware and with any newer browsers.

I am connected to Internet since August 1995. The World Wide Web as we know it today was just opened to the public two years before. When I was searching for Alain Prost-related websites for the first time on World Wide Web back then, the only site I found was the page of Alan Wong, which is now called Alain Prost Grand Prix Homepage and in the meantime is also hosted on the prostfan.com server. It was (and still is) a great site and I was very impressed. I had no idea of how to create an own homepage, but was reading up on it and tried it out. Many ideas came from Alan Wong's page and the mainpage of my first site looked similar to his mainpage. In June 1996, I had finished the first version of this site. The real "birthday" of my own Alain Prost-Homepage was on August 27, 1996, after a lot of typing (all the results of Alain's 199 races)... I decided to call the page "Alain Prost-Homepage 2", as I thought, Alan Wong's page would be the first and mine the second one. But only half a month later, I received an e-mail from Santiago de Tezanos Faget, a Prost fan from Uruguay, who wrote, that his page (Formula Prost - unfortunately closed down in July 2003) is the second one and mine the third. He was just joking, of course. Anyway, I changed the name of my website to "Alain Prost-Homepage 3" and that name stayed the same for a whole 9 years afterwards. Only the contents and the design changed and improved again and again back then.

In January 1998, I founded the Prost-Webring, which connected the Alain Prost related websites. In September 1998, I bought a new URL, which is well-known in the meantime and, also became the new name of this site in 2005: WWW.PROSTFAN.COM...

In June 1999, I also bought the URL WWW.ALAINPROST.NET. A few months later I received an offer by Rivals Europe, the biggest sports network at the time, to create content related to Team Prost on their servers. I agreed I moved all the pages about Team Prost to their servers. That was taking place in February 2000. A few months later, in June 2000, I added my own search engine to prostfan.com, which you can find on the homepage.

In September 2001, I decided to leave Rivals.net and started to move the Team pages back to this site. The site was then moved to the Bluewin servers in Switzerland.

In 2003, Alain's son Nicolas started racing in Formula Campus. He agreed on writing exclusive race reports for this site. Therefore, a Nicolas Prost Page was added to this website.

At the beginning of the year 2004, my site was becoming too big to have it hosted by Bluewin, so I decided to get my own shared web server in February 2004, which is situated in Switzerland at Hostpoint. This finally allowed me to upload almost unlimited pages and photos. In August 2004, Alan Wong's Alain Prost Grand Prix HomePage moved to the prostfan.com server, so the two biggest Alain Prost fansites were finally united on one webserver.

As mentioned before, I definitely changed the name from "Alain Prost-Homepage 3" into "prostfan.com" in 2005. In October 2006, a password-protected Member Area was added to the site. By the end of 2006, the size of the website exceeded 500 MB and the visitors statistics showed over 130'000 hits and far over 850'000 page views in one year! A few months later, in September 2007, the size of the website already doubled to exceed the 1 GB mark and almost 140'000 visitors stopped by. In 2011, the size reached 4 GB and only two years later, in 2013, exceeded the 6 GB mark. By the end of 2021, the size doubled again to 12 GB.

My further plans are:

  • Complete statistics, quotes and pictures from all of Alain's races
  • Informations on prostfan.com in more languages (German mirror site)
  • More updates, more news (several times a week)
  • More pictures (I'm already working on that)
  • Alain's complete biography year by year
  • More interviews (translations)
  • Adding information about Victoria Prost
  • More content in the members area
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